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Multi Channel Sweden

Multi Channel Sweden is based in Örnsköldsvik, Sweden. The company has developed an innovative wood chipper that saves raw material and gives a higher output from the pulp process. It produces a more even chip size compared to traditional disc chippers. It can be regulated during operation which means fewer stops. It is easy to install and is service friendly. The pilot plant in Domsjö for testing different sorts of wood means that the wood chipper can be modified based on customer needs. 

After extensive research and testing, the company now have started their mission to exchange all existing woo chippers in the industry.

The owners are experienced managers, business owners and entrepreneurs in manufacturing and Pulp&Paper industry. The growth of the company will take off in 2021-2022 when the results from the early adopters start to become official and known in the business. Contacts about the product is established with most of the corporate groups within the paper and pulp industry in Sweden and some mills in UK and India. An information tour in Canada will take place 2019.


  • A new type of wood chipper, the FlexchipperTM
  • A possibility to exchange old equipment with ROI in less than a year
  • More production using less raw material
  • Introducing the possibility to adjust the chipping procedure online


  • MoRe Research, Sture Noreus, Senior Advisor
  • Processum, Jessica Gard Timmerfors, PhD and researcher at Umeå University
  • Bizmaker Forest Accelerator, Monica Westberg


Mill owners with new or old wood chippers who want to make more money and reduce their carbon footprint.


Category/ Bioeconomy, Waste, Circular Economy, Forestry


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