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OAZER offers new flexible and scalable infrastructure of climate-smart hydrogen refueling stations of various sizes depending on customer needs.

A technology shift is approaching where fossil-fueled vehicles are outdated. OAZER's solution enables customers who want to transform their vehicle fleet into zero emission, starting at a small scale and scaling up.



  • Semi-mobile i.e. container-based, system-integrated hydrogen stations with scalable capacity based on customer needs.
  • Primarily stations are sold and secondarily OAZER owns and leases out the stations.
  • In both cases, OAZER manages the stations via service contracts with the customer.
  • Object financing for those customers who request a financing solution.
  • Production of hydrogen on-site with 100% renewable electricity and water.
  • Storage solutions for solar and wind turbines and excess electricity from the power distribution grid.


  • Investors who share our vision to create an infrastructure for clean zero-emission transportation.
  • Partnership with actors for new opportunities for commercialization.
  • Vehicle fleet owners interested in converting their vehicle fleet to Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles (FC-EV:s), powered by fossil free hydrogen.
  • Suppliers of components for our scalable hydrogen stations.

Category/ Transport, Clean Energy


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