Örnsköldsvik municipality is situated in the northern part of the province of Ångermanland in the county of Västernorrland. The town of Örnsköldsvik founded in 1892, has a population of over 55,000 people.


Örnsköldsvik's municipality focuses on entrepreneurship and new challenges. It works for a business climate that makes it easy to run a business and that enables more companies to develop and establish themselves here. For further information on how to establish a company in Örnsköldsvik in English click here or in Swedish click here.


The municipality has a long standing industrial tradition and great development focus where cooperation is an important key. Entrepreneurship and creativity starts at school age, where industry and the schools have a tight collaboration. The percentage of people running their own business in Örnsköldsvik is 5.8% and the number of entrepreneurs is 7.8 per thousand inhabitants.

Strong industry and export culture

With its long lasting industrial culture within forestry, pulp and manufacturing make Örnsköldsvik tight of engineers. 75 per cent of what is produced in the manufacturing industry goes for export. Products from Örnsköldsvik represent about 3 percent of Sweden's total net exports. Compared to the population who constitute less than 0.5 percent of the population.

In addition to the large international companies, there is also a strong tradition of small businesses linked to the industry within cellulose, biorefinery, high-tech engineering, process control, automation, as well as trade, education, events and tourism.

Research leads the way

A thorough research linked to the large industries and cooperation with Umeå University and Mid Sweden University has led to a diversified industrial development. Applied research is performed in Processum, which is a world leader bio-refining, and an important node in the global bio-economy.

Stunning nature and views

In the municipality of Örnsköldsvik is plenty to do and experience! The municipality provides great opportunities for those who are interested in sports, recreational and cultural activities.


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